My Three Favorite Silver Dresses

If there is one thing that I love to do, it is look good. If there is another, it is shop. When I look good and shop, I feel my very best and like the queen that I know that I am. My credit cards might be maxed out, but that is okay because I have so many beautiful items in my closet it is well worth that trouble.

One of the favorite items in my closet is silver bridesmaid dresses. I’ve been a part of six weddings in the last year, and of them, three were silver-themed. I was lucky enough to choose dresses that were versatile so I am able to wear them again to other events. That is always important to me when I shop. Despite the thrill that I get when I shop, I always want a bargain and get far more excited when I find one.

The dresses that are currently in my closet were all purchased from It took shopping with this company just once to realize how much I loved everything about them and I don’t think that I will go elsewhere to find a formal wear or evening dress. They have such a great selection with awesome prices to go along with the gorgeous dresses.

But anyway, here are the three that you can find in my closet right now.

A-Line Princess Scoop Neck Dress

This is such a fun dress. It is a dark silver color so I can wear a lot of different accessories with it, depending upon the occasion. During the wedding, the silver color was paired with a deep red and it was marvelous. I love that the dress is short so it is easy to move around in.

A-Line Princess Halter

I suppose that I have a thing for the princess style, but to each his own, right? This dress is a favorite because of the halter style. It is so easy to wear and again, a dress that I can put on to go to many different events. It is relaxing, comfortable, and great for fuller figures like myself.

A-Line Sweetheart

This is a strapless dress so I am limited to wear it only during the summer, but I sure plan to get many wears out of it. The dress is sweet and elegant, with a rose belt with pleats in the middle. It is also a floor length style.